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Safe Sex: A Guide for Young Travellers

The summer season is filled with fun, festivals and holidays. However, this can make it far too easy for young people in particular to get carried away, and engage in unprotected sexual activities that can result either in unwanted pregnancy, or contracting a sexually transmitted infection. The good news is that there are a number… Read more »

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Genital Warts

Warts are small growths that can appear anywhere on the skin. If, however, any warts appear on or around your genital area, these are caused by Human Papillomavirus and are classified as a sexually transmitted disease. This virus is the most prevalent in North America. The infection is characterised by the presence of warts in… Read more »

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Online Dating STI Risk

Syphilis rates are up 79% in one year and online dating sites are thought to be the culprit. Rising STI rates in the States are thought to be signaled by the sheer wealth of one night stand options available on the internet. Can we really blame social media for increasing rates? According to the Rhode… Read more »

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Herpes Infections and Testing

A few years ago there was great concern when a Jewish baby was suspected to have contracted the herpes virus after a traditional circumcision ceremony. I imagined the infant was infected with a sharps device, used to cut the foreskin perhaps, but seemingly, these ceremonies end with the ‘mohel’, (the man performing the ritual), sucking… Read more »