The culprit behind the onset of venereal (genital) warts is Human Papillomavirus or HPV. Of the hundreds of known HPV strains, the ones responsible for the majority of venereal warts cases were identified to be type 6 & 11. The aspect of the disease, which the infected find most unpleasant and is well apart from the disease itself, is that the warts may not appear for 3 months after contracting the disease. I’m sure this brings into sharp focus towards the significance of regularly STI checkups.

Diagnosing Venereal Warts

Given the sensitive nature of the infection, it must be diagnosed by your primary healthcare physician. Contrary to what online clinics will have you believe, diagnosis of this infectious disease must be done in person. Not all cases of venereal warts are open and shut, often visual identification isn’t enough and swab test needs to be conducted. Once a diagnosis has been made, you and your doctor can move onto the treatment phase.

Available Treatment Options


Trichloroacetic Acid or TCA is a treatment administered by your doctor to the affected area. This is an effective treatment but requires a visit to the doctor, which makes it inconvenient for most individuals. Of all other medications available, TCA is best suited for women who’re expecting. Whereas, the creams mentioned below are not.


This compound is the key ingredient of two branded medicaments. The first one is Condyline available in the form of a solution; the other is Warticon available in form of both solution and cream. Condyline and Warticon treat venereal warts by gradually destroying the very cells they’re made up off; this stops the infectious cells from replicating until the wart eventually dies.

Both the medicaments discussed above are administered in the cycle prescribed by your primary care physician. However, it’s important to note that this treatment option is best for treating softer warts and those with a diameter no more than 4mm.


Imiquimod, branded as Aldara, is a cream with a unique mode of action that has proven to be extremely effective for treating venereal warts. Aldara works differently than Podophyllotoxin; its formula allows it to be just as effective on large warts. Aldara functions through the stimulation of your immune system to recognize the foreign element. Soon it identifies the infection responsible and attacks the infectious cells from within. Patients who use Imiquimod have reported receiving a permanent answer to their problem, as compared to Warticon or Condyline.

Prevention is Key

With the wide variety of HPV strains out there, a rather significant number of the population is exposed to it and run a high risk of contracting it, if safe sex isn’t their priority. Your sexual partner isn’t likely to be aware of the fact they have venereal warts, and even if they did, I doubt they would come clean in the heat of the moment.

So covering your bases is extremely important, quite literally as the only sure shot way to prevent venereal warts is the use of condoms. In addition, if you are worried about contracting genital warts is beneath you, get vaccinated instead. The vaccination is known as Garadasil. You should consult your doctor to see if that is the right choice for you.

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